After the nationwide decline in alpaca valued products and production facility, we must become creative in order to keep the interest alive and conduct business amongst each other. With many alpaca breeders storing tons of raw alpaca wool, a non-existing export (China trade war embargo), we must make use of what we got.

The ACS Alpaca Crafters Shop helps in offering raw materials to the crafters market so that they and you can create fantastic products that will enrich our country and not just help the alpaca breeders, but show that we in South Africa are sure able to produce our own quality products.

If you found what you are looking for, we will send your goods to you as soon as possible via PostNet or PAXI to your closest location. We would like to engage and promote the crafters scene by writing regular blog posts on creative project ideas, success stories, articles and promotions of individuals.

Thank you for your interest and thank you for supporting the South African alpaca industry!