An Introduction

We at Akelei Alpakas have been breeding these lovable animals with the sensationally soft wool and soulful eyes with great passion since 2004. On our farm Stillwater Estate near Cape Town, our alpacas have the opportunity to have enough exercise, are on their pastures all day, but can enter their open stables at any time in bad weather. They are sheared once a year, whereby their fleece yields between 3-4 kg, depending on the animal, which in turn is sorted into 3 different qualities.

In times like these when many people are forced to stay at home and do their work in the home office, there is also the opportunity to be more creative. And for this we would like to introduce you to our new ALPACA CRAFTERS SHOP. We want to show you all possible, different types of alpaca materials and what you can do with them. The possibilities are so numerous and include not only weaving, crocheting and knitting, but also felting, spinning, or making dolls. There are no limits to your imagination and you will have a lot of fun with it.

Pop by every now and then to see some new blog posts and some new items being added over time. We do hope you enjoy our online shop!

Regards, Eva & son Christopher