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Suri Locks

Since Suri Alpacas are very rare – only about 8% of the alpaca world population have this silky, curly fleece – and very similar to human baby hair, they are very popular for making doll wigs. The many different, naturally grown color shades of our own animals are available. These curls can also be used […]

Raw Fleece & Rovings

Due to its health-promoting properties, such as hypoallergenic and anti-rheumatic, alpaca fleece is not only used for exquisite fashion but also for the production of “eco bedding” whereby duvets of all sizes for both adults and children are filled with it ( we sell it in our online shop The Alpaca Shop ) A special […]

An Introduction

We at Akelei Alpakas have been breeding these lovable animals with the sensationally soft wool and soulful eyes with great passion since 2004. On our farm Stillwater Estate near Cape Town, our alpacas have the opportunity to have enough exercise, are on their pastures all day, but can enter their open stables at any time […]