Raw Fleece & Rovings

Due to its health-promoting properties, such as hypoallergenic and anti-rheumatic, alpaca fleece is not only used for exquisite fashion but also for the production of “eco bedding” whereby duvets of all sizes for both adults and children are filled with it ( we sell it in our online shop The Alpaca Shop ) A special option for the DIY crafter to make them him/herself or to make decorative pillows as health pillows.

Wool spinning is experiencing a renaissance lately! By processing raw fleece, it can be processed into finished rovings by machine or by hand, i.e. it is washed, coarse hair is sorted out, and then it is combed in strips with parallel fibers, which in turn represent the basis for hand spinning. Spinning has been done with spindles in the most varied of shapes for thousands of years, or with a spinning wheel and, since the last century, with electric hand spinning machines, all of which of course for the hobby crafter and the cottage industry. Large industrial machines are a different story and require a vast amount of homogenous raw fleece to be processed in one go.